Great Giveaway from Montessori Print Shop

Monday, March 4, 2013

GIVEAWAY! 33 Geometry Materials from the Montessori Print Shop

I am super excited to tell you all that the Montessori Print Shop is giving away their Geometry Bundle here on this blog!  This bundle has a $72.74 value! The bundle is packed full of materials that are great for Montessori primary, but it is just as packed with materials that are great for lower elementary.  This is truly a bundle that will take you from primary through lower elementary.  I really wish I win it to use it in my kindergarten group and primary class.  It would save me so much work!

The bundle includes these 22 geometry materials:

1Detective Adjective Command Cards (63 cards)
2Detective Adjective Game - colored (63 triangles)
3Detective Adjective Game - outlines (63 triangles)
4Geometric Matching Cards (18 shapes)
5Geometric Shape Sorting (10 shapes)
6Geometric Shapes  3-Part Cards (12 shapes)
7Geometric Shapes - Command Cards (50 cards)
8Geometric Shapes - Worksheets (12 shapes)
9Geometric Solid Sorting (10 solids)
10Geometric Solids - Command Cards (50 cards)
11Geometric Solids - Worksheets (12 solids)
12Geometric Solids 3-Part Cards - Blue (10 solids)
13Geometric Solids 3-Part Cards - Brown (10 solids)
14Geometry Cabinet Cards - Solid, Thick, Thin Line 
15Geometry Cabinet Control Booklet
16Geometry Cabinet Shapes 3-Part Cards (24 shapes)
17Geometry Cabinet Worksheets
18Polygons 3-Part Cards (8 polygons)
19Polygons 3-Part Cards - Complex Concepts (13 concepts)
20Polygons Book - Complex Concepts (13 concepts)
21The Study of a Circle 3-Part Cards (14 parts)
22The Study of a Circle Book (14 parts)
23The Study of a Square 3-Part Cards (8 parts)
24The Study of a Square Book (8 parts)
25The Study of a Triangle 3-Part Cards (12 parts)
26The Study of a Triangle Book (12 parts)
27The Study of Angles 3-Part Cards (20 angles)
28The Study of Angles Book (20 angles/concepts)
29The Study of Lines 3-Part Cards (15 lines)
30The Study of Lines Book (15 lines/concepts)
31Triangle Book - Complex Concepts (15 concepts)
32Triangles 3-Part Cards - Complex Concepts (15 concepts)
33Triangles 3-Part Cards - Simple Concepts (7 triangles)

To view the specifics of any of the Geometry lessons and materials included in this bundle visit the section on Geometry at the Montessori Print Shop and click on the individual materials.